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Home Remodeling Projects That Are Worth The Money

Home remodeling projects are always a good idea especially when it comes to your wish of changing your everyday lifestyle. Sometimes that change could lead to a better home atmosphere and make it a new and greater place for living. Some of the projects are a necessity but many of them are made mainly for improving your way of living. Think about what are your priorities before taking the first step of the remodeling process. If some of the changes are not planned but needed then look which one is more valuable.

Below we present to you some of the projects that are often worth your money.

  1. Your garden

If you have a big family and you have the possibility to buy a huge yard, then you should make an investment in your outdoor space. Create a garden which will be a great place for your little ones and also create a special place during the spring and summer days. You could enjoy the fresh air and the lovely view of your roses and other flowers. If you can afford one, a pool inside your garden would be an ideal investment for your perfect place. This way not only could your children enjoy it, but also your friends and relatives who you could invite for different kinds of parties. Make your life full of agreeable memories and retell them in the later years of your life.

  1. Your living room

You probably spend most of your free time in your living room, watching your favorite TV show or your favorite movie. Make sure that you provide a pleasant atmosphere where you can rest yourself after an exhausting or bad day. Purchase new furniture, buy some candles or refreshers, and create a good place for enjoying your life. You could install an electric fireplace to increase your home pleasure. Add a glass of wine to this and some good jazz music and feel how the excitement increases. Provide yourself enough pleasure and feel the joyful moments.

  1. Your electrical and water installation

No matter if you have bought new furniture and it represents the most luxurious and finest things, you have to pay special attention to your electrical and water installations. It is good to know if they need some re-installation because it could lead to catastrophic damage if ignored. By taking care of problems promptly, you will avoid having additional costs and unwanted situations. Always take care of every system in your house so you can avoid the bad conditions. Plan your remodeling and set the list of priorities. Check your installations and change or repair them on time.

There are plenty of things that are worth the money, but we suggested some of them as we thought they are some of the people’s priorities. Think well and plan your budget. Remember that if your neighbor invests in their garden that doesn’t mean that you should follow the example. Plan accordingly and check your priority list. Feel the excitement in your new and remodeled home.

Home Improvements
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Home Improvements That Last

All of the homeowners that are in the remodeling process want to do things that would last for a long period of time or even forever. That is a big project that demands a lot of time and a large amount of money. So because of these two important factors, people will want to invest in the best materials they can. Keep in mind that this is not a simple process but something this is a long term obligation that requires patience. The stressful situation is a part of this repair project but we all know that at the end everything is worth it. Below we make some suggestions for you that might be helpful in your home improvement process.

  • Installing a new door

This is something that will pay off. A good front door has a protective role against intruders. There are many types of front doors, but you have to choose the most convenient one for you. Sometimes, it depends on your neighborhood, so if you live in a safe place your first choice should be a wooden door. But, if you worry about intruders then you should think about investing in a steel door.

  • Changing the windows

When you decide to take this part of the remodeling process you should also think wisely. There are many options, but we advise you to choose double-pane windows. This way your house would be insulated and it would keep the airflow and the sunlight out. Single pane windows are old-fashioned and they are now replaced with new and improved quality.

  • Painting your walls

This is an excellent possibility because you could improve the quality of your everyday life with a small amount of money. You could paint all of the walls or just one that could be an accent. This way you would refresh your room look in a positive way. You could also change the outside look of the house by refreshing your siding. If it is old and cracked then it should be replaced. Most homeowners want to have excellent siding because they feel it reflects their home cleaning habits.

  • Investing in your air conditioning system

For those who live in a hot climate, an air conditioning system is a must-have item. More exactly, with the newest trends the installation process of the central air conditioning system would help you maintain a cool space in the time periods with very high temperatures. These systems could be energy-efficient and all this depends on the selected model.

Think and plan extensively when you decide on remodeling your house. Do the changes with high quality materials so they can last. You could find a contractor for all the processes mentioned above but remember that for low cost things you have to have discussions with the company you would hire. After the process ends, you will finally enjoy the new and improved home with your family. We suggest you organize a little party for your friends and relatives to celebrate the new beginning.

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Solid Surface Colors

Solid surfaces are finishing materials which are non-porous and stain resistant. Nowadays, with the rapid progress of technology, we have a variety of products that give our furniture impressive looks. No matter if we are renewing our homes or bar and restaurants, we all have the same purpose and that is creating a beautiful and pleasant environment. Every architect and interior design expert can design everything our mind can imagine. Because of the numerous color trends and variants, we will present you some tips about choosing the right solid surface color for your everyday objects like office desks, reception desk, counter top and other similar things.

• The brighter the color is, the more scratches will be hidden. So no matter what color is your desk, when scratches occur on a solid surface, the scratched area becomes white. So we advise you to think about the relation between the object’s color and its function in the environment. In short, we want to say that you can’t choose a dark surface for your kitchen because the damage will show up more. Our responsibility is to advise you that dark color surfaces require additional maintenance.

• Generally, if the material consists of more acrylic grains inside, its price will be higher. Manufacturers say that the acrylic solid surface is better because of its durability, easy maintenance and easy manufacturing process. It is obvious that specific qualifications equal higher market price.

• The “glossy surfaces” are thought to be much better than matte. It depends on your thoughts more exactly what you think looks better. Glossy surfaces are shiny surfaces which have a luxurious and glamorous look. But they also show fingerprints easily and have a reflection. Matte surfaces look ordinary and artistic and they have little or no reflection. Choose wisely and match your taste with your needs.

• If you choose a pure black color, we advise you not to polish the matte surface. It will get damaged and if scratches appear, they would be visible and the surface will attain an old and scratched look. You will think about replacing it and you will expose yourself to unnecessary expenses.

• If you want to insert a springtime note to your furniture and you decide to focus on a flower pattern, then here is one tip from us. You must know that colorful patterns won’t always match perfectly at the edges where the two materials join each other. There will always be seams that will be visible if they aren’t done correctly.

We have shared with you some basics tips about choosing solid surface colors. But deciding about the perfect color is much more than personal taste. You should keep in mind that the most important thing is matching the function and the desired design in the real environment. You should also be aware of the amount of your money to be invested and the time needed for maintenance of the chosen furniture. We hope that your interior design will be the perfect place for passing quality time with special friends and relatives.

Bathroom makeover
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Bathroom makeover: Small tips and tricks for making your bathroom look like a million bucks

Is a bathroom makeover something you have always wanted to do? Of course the most important thing when doing so is having a budget and great ideas. Whichever you lack, we will provide some helpful information in this article. We will present you tips for creating a beautiful but inexpensive makeover for your bathroom. The only thing you have to do is sit back, relax, and read on.

A bathroom is usually a space where there is not enough light. If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom which is bright, use that advantage and put some air purifying plants inside. For those of us who are not that lucky, artificial plants can be a great substitute. They brighten the space and make it look more alive and pleasant to be in.

Another trick for making your bathroom look like a million bucks is affixing tiles to your bath tub. You can stick anything you like on the tub and it will look wonderful, as long as the style and colors inside match. Another great idea instead of tiles is sticking waterproof wood on your bath tub. Even though this looks like you are taking a bath in a luxury paradise hotel, it might be a bit pricey.
A shelf above the toilet can also give the space a sense of calmness and beauty. If you have a small picture of something you like and place it on the shelf space, it could look amazing. Candles are relaxing products which should be used more often in the bathroom and the bedroom. If you choose to do so, buy different types of candles and scatter them around the bathroom. It would look and feel very romantic and it could even bring a bit more spark into your love life. You could even have your candles match your towels and curtains if there are any there. The flowers you put inside should also match these items.

Don’t be afraid to use other room’s items for your bathroom. In fact, our designers are encouraging you to do so. A nice example for such a thing is putting a robe hook as a towel hanger. You could choose the place yourself, but make sure it is visible since it will make your bathroom very chic and vintage. Of course you don’t have to hang robes on it. Instead you could hang HIS and HERS towels in matching colors. If this doesn’t brighten a space, what does?

As you can see from our designers’ suggestions above, doing a bathroom makeover is not about spending a large amount of money on the main items inside. Instead you should focus on the little stuff which will make the room more pleasant and you will feel like you are entering a calm, stress free area. And that is the whole point, right?

If you have any doubts or questions for our designers, you are welcome to leave us a comment in the comment section below. We would be glad to answer your every question and provide you some additional free tips specifically intended for your bathroom makeover!

Apartment with garden
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Apartment with garden? And why not a yard?

Those who live in the city, in an apartment, cannot afford to enjoy a spacious garden, but can and should invest in beautiful decorations for the balcony. After all, however small, it is the only corner of the house to provide an interaction with the outside world. The smallest porch does not need much, in fact, the options are few; three different possibilities for those who do not know how to start decorating this environment: create a space reserved exclusively for plants, with many pots and landscaping; set up a space with a table, chairs or benches to be able to take advantage of it in different situations; or mix both!

Choose furniture and accessories according to your purpose. Wooden shelves and compact sideboards can serve as support for smaller pots, while larger plants can stay on the floor.
If you want a simple and economic environment, the use of pallets will be ideal, all of this is part of the imagination! Stones from the beach or countryside give soft tones and cover everything that is imperfect in our eyes.

A table with folding chairs might be a great idea for anyone who wants to make the porch a social space for coffee, reading a book, or even eating at the end of the week. Two-seater wooden benches can also tastefully decorate and create a cozy corner for the residents.

When decorating, opt for waterproof cushions, preferably well-colored for creating joy. Vases can also add color and the walls can be highlighted with the help of pictures, artificial fountains, candles and other rustic accessories that can contribute to add life to the environment. The floor can be renovated with artificial turf, wood slat panels or even vinyl tiles; there are several shades, including rustic ones.

And why not a vegetable garden? It would be a great way to have everything fresh at hand, in an eco-friendly and inexpensive way! A balcony with morning or afternoon sun is essential. If you have old cups or containers that you are no longer using, you can take advantage of them to plant. However, as most do not have holes to drain excess water, you should line them with sand, pebbles, or some other kind of porous material. Aleternately, you can always opt for bottles and drill a hole underneath. For shaping the vertical garden, as its name implies, you can use shelves, or wood panels to randomly affix your new / old pots!

Watering daily, fertilizing in a routine manner, having patience and enjoying the growth are necessary aspects of gardening, and in the end, savor them! The plants indicated for a garden are usually the aromatic ones: thyme, oregano, parsley, chives, mint, basil, and cherry tomatoes.
If you have children, the garden, from its idealization through decoration, planting and harvesting, will make the magic of nature combined with the pleasure of cooking awaken unique sensations in the learning of the young, bringing all the traditionalism of our grandparents and countryside.

An Office At Home
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An Office At Home

A home office can be the answer for anyone looking for a reduction in business costs: a low cost solution to avoid rent, condominiums, electricity costs, telephone, parking, loss of time in transit and so on…

However, you do not need to be a freelancer or schedule-free worker to have a need to have an office at home, because it gives us the convenience to study, work, read, use the computer or simply manage our finances in a quiet, comfortable and practical environment. Most people who own a fairly large house have already planned and dedicated a division to the office, but those who live in an apartment or small house find it difficult to create one. The main problem is the lack of space, but there is nothing like originality to solve it! The basic and essential aspects are a desk, lighting, and space to organize and file.

If you have a guest bedroom, take advantage of one corner of the room, plan an “L” desk and its filing cabinets, hire a cabinetmaker or try to do it yourself. For greater privacy or division of environments, simple screens and flat lines maintain a clean design. The reuse of furniture, especially of wardrobe, may be the solution; the doors could help to keep the computer hidden from the remaining area while closed and the inside of the same as panels to post messages and reminders. Multi-functional desktops with a liftable lid that turn into a dresser and poufs that serve to store things inside are good solutions. The use of light colors, especially on the walls and furnishings give a feeling of a larger environment, as well as transparent glass benches, giving a greater visual breadth and modernity in your small office. A wall-mounted, legless worktop desk also saves more space. Using wireless and wireless devices, such as mice, keyboards, printers, and even a notebook instead of the desktop, will save you space and leave your area more workable and cleaner, without that pile of wires.

However, if there is too little space, use the dining table as an office, then store the materials in places like the ones described above, and then the table is back for dinner.

If you have a complete division only to use as an office, the basic options remain, with the difference of being able to deepen, conjugate and complement. Put tables for support, or simply a support desk meeting where you can for example work in the secretariat and another family member can study at the larger table, or read! And speaking of reading, create a library for the family with a reading armchair, in order to create in your children one of the greatest and noble acts of learning: reading!

Depending on the possibilities, always try to invest in good, ergonomic chairs that keep the body in healthy ways, if you can combine this concept with design, even better.

As a rule, thoughtful and idealized offices have two basic styles: the modern and the classic. Remember offices always have a single, primary purpose: to be practical.

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How To Make A Cute Garden At Home

With the summer approaching, we all want to enjoy a pleasant vacation and a wonderful atmosphere in our yard. More exactly, all people want to create a special place for living where they could spend their time with their closest ones. We like to spend that time during the sunny days outside in the garden. Think about making an investment in this special place where you could relax after an exhausting day. Below we have listed some ideas that we think would be helpful for you. Read them carefully and decide if some of them match your tastes.

– Purchase different type of flowers

Flowers are an exceptional part of the garden. Buy them in many different colors and types and create an agreeable situation. You could make an important display for yourself and for your children. You could also buy some interesting flowerpots. They could be an excellent decoration for your garden. You could order them from the internet. You could find many ideas in magazines and also you could find some inspiration online.

– Provide space for a pool

If you don’t have enough money for an in-ground pool, you could buy an above ground pool from the store. You and your children can get refreshed during the hot summer days. There are many sizes available so you can choose the most convenient one for you.

– Buy decorative trees

Well planned decorations could take everyone’s breath away. Look for different decorative trees that could make your garden look like a million dollars. They would provide fresh air and at the same time they would be a decoration that family and guests would adore.

– Decorative fountains

Water fountains are always a great choice and all the people adore them. There is no better place during the summer nights where you could relax with your friends than seated next to a water fountain and drinking your favorite summer cocktail. It sounds marvelous. Think about this idea and make your wish come true.

– Summer houses

In some gardens where there is enough space, you could create a wooden house for your children. They would be grateful to you their entire life. They could make the best memories there with their friends. They would adore this wooden house especially if it is built in a tree. Just like from the movie scenes.

The best time period to start thinking of making changes to your garden is during the winter. Look at your gardens gadgets and decide which ones are not working any more. Think about replacing them with other ones or maybe buying something similar but modern and sophisticated. Always plan your budget and take a look in many stores because you could find the same product at different prices.

We hope that we helped you somehow in your choices and we would be glad if you shared with us some missed but important ideas. Take a breath and relax and rest with your family in your new and improved garden.

Modern Kitchens
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Modern Kitchens Are Easier To Design And Build

Many of us want to have the kind of luxury we see on various TV shows. Also, we want to have a good area in the kitchen and to make it a pleasant and agreeable location in our house or apartment. Modern and urban style design is everyone’s dream. When we make plans to repair or remodel our homes, we always want the best for ourselves and our families. The new furniture we buy has to be comfortable and to look very good. When it comes to the modern kitchens of course they are an important part in the remodeling process because half of our free day we spend there, cooking for our family and friends.

Modern kitchens are easier to design because of the new computer programs and software. You put the selected dimensions for your available space for the new kitchen and then you are presented with more ideas that the program shows you. You could choose the one you want the most and order the furniture. Nowadays the programs are related with special shops or the internet where you could easily order your selected item.

You could also create a new one on your own. You could get inspiration from many magazines and TV shows which motivate you and teach you the best positions and materials. According to us, if you don’t have enough time or you don’t have many ideas, try to find a special person – more exactly an interior designer – to help you out. He or she would suggest to you some of their ideas and together you can create an ideal kitchen – the one of your dreams!

When deciding on a new and sophisticated kitchen, remember to have it be more functional than aesthetic. If you focus mainly on how things look without considering how the area needs to be utilized, you could encounter problems of unused space or have necessary function missing or inconvenient to use. It wouldn’t make sense to do things like this even if you have additional space. It is good to invest in your speaker system because it is very interesting to rock on while cooking. Try to buy silver or any other bright color because the darkest colors and black designs are exceptional but you could easy scratch them.

Many kitchens that follow the modern concept and design are created with contrast and many different colors. But we advise you to make this process simple and in one light color. Put some modern materials over the traditional ceramic backsplash. Use wooden materials and stainless steel to provide a beautiful and more comfortable area to enjoy with your family.

Keep in mind to talk with professionals who could advise you on the use of proper materials and also appliances. Modern appliances not only would facilitate your way of living but improve your mood and energy. The new designs are created under the role of function and can sometimes be hidden. You might not need to have all your appliances out in the open.

Provide yourself with good materials and good-looking designs. At the end of the day you and your family members are the only ones who need to enjoy your new and modern kitchen.

Fixer upper
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What to Expect When Completing a Renovation

If this is your first time remodeling, or the very first time you’ve decided to complete a major transformation all at once, it’s normal to be a bit nervous. Apprehension surrounding the unknown and all of the horror stories you’ve read online could be enough to talk you out of your decision. Before you back out because of the fear, keep reading.

How long will it take? What are they going to do to my home? Or the question of the hour- how much will it cost? Let’s go over a few common expectations, regardless of what you’re having renovated.

– It’s Going To Get Dirty– If you’re a clean freak, you better purchase a blindfold as soon as you hire the contractor to come into your home. Once things get going, there’ll be an ever-lasting layer of dust forming in parts of your home. Certain air filtering systems can help clear the air, particularly that aren’t undergoing construction. Block off your vents in the construction area and try to heat the home without turning on the furnace. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.

It’s Going To Be Loud– If at all possible, spend as much time outside of the house when the contractors are actively working. The noise won’t come to an end and if you’re sensitive to constant whining, scratching, and hammering, your home could turn into a torture zone. Working from home will be next to impossible unless there is a significant amount of space between the construction area and your home office.

Emotional Highs and Lows– Watching the contractor drag out that old bathtub or rip that hideous vinyl off your kitchen floor can be like crossing the finish line in a marathon. Then, you’ll have the times when you feel as if you’ve made the complete wrong decision. When walls are stripped and carpet’s missing, your dream home will take a completely different appearance. We can’t guarantee that you’ll like what you see either. Then, it’ll start coming together. Cabinets will be installed, lighting fixtures will be added, paint…tile…backsplash. Before you know it, it’ll all be over and you’ll wonder what you were so afraid of.

Expect The Unexpected– Wrong orders, incomplete measurements, order changes, a blasted budget, changed schedules, weather mishaps- there’s no renovation rulebook. And even if there was one, nothing would ever abide by it. Renovations are full of surprises. The most you can do is prepare for them in advance and trust the professional to get you through.

After you’ve racked your brain making decisions on things you know absolutely nothing about, second guessed your decisions, and filled your head with doubt- pat yourself on the back. When all the dust has cleared and all your furniture is back in place, you can proudly say you completed your first renovation.

Custom Kitchen
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Creative Custom Kitchen Countertops on a Budget

Many designers frequently sing the “marble mantra” when it comes to kitchen countertops but if you really want to take a custom approach, why don’t you try something unconventional?

Solid Surface Countertops

Don’t let the complexity of hypnotic stone grains distract you from the beauty of a solid surface. Without the extra fuss of blended designs, a solid surface can serve as the perfect highlight to bold backsplash, custom cabinetry, or expensive tile.

Concrete Countertops

It’s no longer reserved for resurfacing your driveway, concrete countertops are drastically making a rise in popularity. Easily customizable with a variety of pigments and finishes, concrete counters bring new meaning to the idea of custom. You can have your counters pressed to imitate marble veining, smoothed or trowel finished, or even ground until it exposes its sand aggregate. The only thing to consider with concrete countertops is the effects of extreme temperature changes. You don’t want to warp or curl your counters. Also, it won’t respond well to prolonged moisture. For the best results, keep your counters dry, wax them every 2-3 months, and seal them 4 times a year.

Wood Countertops

Butcher block is the perfect way to cool the harshness of a modern kitchen design. It also brings a comfortable, down home appeal to rustic or traditional kitchens. Wood is simple to clean and, with a bit of sanding, scratches become a memory. Make sure you oil the surface often to seal it against water damage.

When preparing to redesign your kitchen counters, don’t feel as if you have to stick to popular trends. Consider your needs and your budget then brainstorm on unique ways to create a custom trend of your own.